Custom Biblical Engraving.
Hand Crafted Biblical Tablets.
Modern & Ancient stone Art.

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We create some of the world's most beautiful and unique hard to find Ancient & Modern biblical stone tablets & Canvas art.

We use all types of sandstone, marble and Clay. We are modern masters at customizing 
hand​ crafting small & Large Biblical stone Tablets ~ Art. Large Or small interior biblical Art and restoration work is available for your Home, church or Synagogue. 

Using Ancient & Modern Semitic languages from the Bible like Egyptian hieroglyphs ~ Hebrew 
Ugaritic ~ ​Cuneiform ~ Greek ~ Arabic & Aramaic scripts and more...

Custom gold leaf & Brass works are available. Quality pieces for your home office, church or Synagogues. "It's a great gift".
​Investor's of Biblical Art ~ stone work of this type is a hard asset with true historical​ value...

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Most Stone work is available on CANVAS.

Duplicate stone work $65.00 up to $1000.
Ask for our discounts & specials.
Biblical stone engraving is what we do!
Biblical Art that honors God!​
Support for art funding & contributions needed!

​Biblical Art director:
David R. Hicks​
(540) 331 - 1970


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I am great King Y'Shua lion of Judah

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         Paleo Hebrew Yeshua
           I am (the) Great King
           Y'shua Lion of Judah​

 Charis & Shalom.
Greek Vase.
Servant of Christ
Large Yeshua
Kingdom of Judah cuneiform tablet.
Dear son Zi-of Earth,and Water.
Dear son Ti of Earth and Water
El Gibor (A) Lt
Book of Y'shua
Lion of Judah
Isaiah 30-B
Enheduanna 1
Hezezkiah royal city
Gold Hezekiah1
K.Hezekiah of Judah.
Royal seal of Hezekiah 2
Seal of Hezekiah 2
Cty of David - Judeans 2
City of Judeans 1
Tobshalem 2
City of David-Ancient Jerusalem 2
John 8 32
Sm Paleo Yeshua.
8th -7th century Phoenician
Brass messianic 1
Jacob Tablet.
Brass Chi - Rho.
Greek Sator Square
Paleo Zayin
I am. 1
Millennium Tablet 1
YHVH Paleo canvas 12x16
chinese symbol of god
Revelation - 6
161 Vergilius Sator Square
biblical display
Ethiopian Jesus-God2
Pray Tablet 2015
Our Father prayer tablet
Puha tablet
LCM - Winged Serpent 2
Yahwe Names of God
Bronze Age Ki-Earth 1
Judah tablet 3
Yesou 1
Simon Bar Jonah 2
Gold leaf Yeshua 2
Holy El of heaven-Earth 5
Best Ten Commandments
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