We stared biblical stone arts & engraving to educate and encourage today's christians everywhere to better understand and appreciate biblical scripts & symbolic's.
Seen through the eye's of ancient biblical cultures. Like Hebrew Greek, Aramaic
Latin & Arabic are just a small sample of what a rich biblical history look's like.​​

The first century Christians were persecuted and forced to worship in hidden location. Often these believers would scratch the secret symbols to help them identify other Christians. As last century Christians let's leave our mark behind...

The ancient Sator Square stone is an enigma from the first century Christians. It reads from top to bottom,bottom to top and right to left,left to right. It is one of a kind,the only one on earth. Divinely inspired and unique without equal, it's Christian origin.
There are many interpretations of the Sator Square you can read for yourselves,but in today's vernacular i believe what the early Greco-Roman Christian's were trying to say without getting in trouble is; "God the father is sovereign over the works of man and his creation".​

Sadly forgotten and buried in the ashes of Pompeii and as far west in the British Isles near the abandon Roman outpost of Hadrian's wall. The square is also found at a church in Oppede, France. Sator Square is found also in (Cirencester) a market town in east Gloucestershire, England. Also found in St Peter ad Oratorium in Capestrano near abruzzo, Italy. There is a Square in the museum at Conimbriga (near coimbra Portugal). And the list goes on...

As a God given talent i am recreating the Sator Square stone tablet, Engraving beautiful sandstone, marble & Clay tablets along with the Cross the Ichthus fish, Alpha/Omega Christian signs of recognition. So that we last century Christians can leave our mark behind! I do custom Hebrew ~ Greek ~ Latin ~ Arabic & Cuneiform Tablet's museum Quality Pieces!
All art work is available on canvas.

Biblical Art Director: David R. Hicks
(540) 331 - 1970

Support or Contribution Needed.
God Bless & Shalom.


Custom Biblical Engraving.
Hand Crafted Biblical Tablets.
Modern & Ancient Stone Art.

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