The day America died. June 26, 2015.
The broken covenant of God's law's and ordinance.
Broken and changed by a people and it's nation's
supreme court justice,is spiritual death to a nation...

The Square.
A play on word's is a word or word's used with different meanings. Some times very radical meaning's. That's how the centurion Christian got away with the Sator square. Without offending Cesar or other religions.

Kadosh Tablet.
The Kadosh tablet is one of the most holy biblical tablet ever made. Also known as the Trisagion;HOLY,HOLY,HOLY ONE. Isa 6:3. my Tablet is hand engraved and painted on Kashmir sandstone from India. Sealed in clear epoxy hardener to preserve it for 100's of year's too come and into the millennial kingdom.

Mithraic religion has never been synonyms with Christianity. The Mithras religion in Rome 100 A.D.- 400 A.D. was a very mixed religion of blood letting of animal sacrifice, Slaughtering a apis bull to a ancient Persian sun(sol)god. You must take into consideration the difference between rival religions, mixed religions & incorporated-pure religion. Such as judeo - Christianity. After Christ(A.D.) It took a few years, but the Jewish animal sacrifice in the temple stopped in 70 A.D. just as Jesus said it would. No more blood sacrifice for the atonement of sin & or any form of worship. This left a vacuum for pagan cult religions. Example the Mithras roman religion. Jesus clarified this in the gospel story with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:23-24. true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth. for god is a spirit; The Mithraic worship does not fit the early first century Judeo-Christian worship. I rebuke you pagans & Wicca's who some how think. that the ancient Latin Sator square is a magic word puzzle to use. The Square is of no use too you. No more than the cross of Christ is too you...

No greater faith; In Luke 7:9 is what Jesus said. I have not found so great faith, no not in Israel. This centurion in Capernaum was honored by the elders(Jews)and built a synagogue for them. In honor of the Christian men and women in the first century. Namely the roman centurion(captains)in the Judaea plains who witnessed the birth of Christianity. The centurion at the cross and Cornelius the retired centurion in Act 10:22.Also the retired(Naval) centurion Paquio Proclus in 79 A.D. Pompeii, Rome. The Sator square Is a Centurion mixed Latin Enigma from the early first century Christians. who secretly supported and crafted a type of riddle generally expressed in radical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thought for its solution. Also the cleaver assertion of the Paternoster in Latin. It is the great centurion faith that makes up the unique Sator square enigma carved on stone tablets and pottery. DAVID R. HICKS

The truth for my Muslim friends.1 john 5:11-12 And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life,and this life is in his son. He who has the son has life; he who does not have the son of God does not have life. DEAL WITH IT...

The hard truth of Islam.
Allah is the Bedouin moon god.Mohammed made up a cult blending in elements of Judaism,christianity and Bedouin folklore.Mohammed never healed anyone,never did any teaching on grace & mercy of god,forgiveness of sin or even die for anyone.

Rabbis say.
Kol Hatchalot Kashot,or in english,"all beginnings are difficult." The greater degree of the hardship in a new undertaking,the greater the reward.

The Zayin
The zayin is one of the most entrusting letters,in the hebrew alphabet.It's symbol is a sword ~ weapon,the word of god (hebrews 4:12). It's numerical order is 7th & also represents the # 7. 7 is god's # that represents completeness,good and perfect.

The Hebrew Alphabet.
The hebrew alphabet is known as a "picture language"because each of it's 22 characters are assigned a symbol,concept,and numerical value that all contribute to the meaning and understanding of a word.

Millennium Art
First century meet's last century biblical arts.
For millenniums god and man have been shaping, molding and forging humanity down through the ages from culture to culture.Archaeologist and Anthropologist have been amazed at the artesian stone masons and sculpture works.Art has been birthed by the sane and insane alike,men and women all over the world from the rise and fall of biblical civilizations.The mesopotamia sumerian civilizations around 3000 B.C.,the egyptians,the jewish people,the greeks the persians,the babylonians,and the romans etc...All exsamples of this art.Not to forget any one!But,we can also include the rise of china,india and the mayans and the list goes on,all great civilizations in my opinion!People all over the world all the way down into the renaissance ages,no matter if it is a time of peace or war the passion of art always reveals itself.Man cannot stop expressing himself.The art of expressing one's self is shown in both triumphs and tragedies of humanity.Man has an indelible appetite for passion,you can see it all over.He is a builder and a creator.He or she has the ability to create with passion.As a biblical artist,i am looking back down the corridors of time,seeing the rise and fall of civilizations,there victors and defeats have produced a rich and priceless bounty of artworks for humanity to enjoy and to reflect on for the here and now.The early christians contribution began directly or indirectly redefining art with symbols and latter with iconology or (iconography) with the cross and the Ichthus fish both are recongnized and admired symbolizing christianity all over the world .These symbols have been etched through out the catacombs of rome and through out judea and also on into the hearts and minds of the modern christian society.In history artist have redefined themselves down through the ages by engraving symbols on stone tablets that have been left for the sands of time,in the stone age.pardon the pun!As an engraving biblical artist,symbols have been a rich media for me.Resurrecting stone tablets redefining and engraving history's most recognized symbols of judeo - christian faith can be enjoyed once agan.Redefining biblical art works in the medium of engraving stone tablets,that started with the sator square engraving found in pompeii,in Paquio Proclus home,79 A.D.and the roman curse tablets.Redefining biblical art is a passion of mine,A "Unus Mandatum"(my spiritual commission)"Artist are god's little architects". David R.Hicks.

The kings orders
Christians are you really ready to rule & luke 19:27;because in the millennium the kings orders are non-negotiable.Jesus & his immortals.have you read the book.Truth that remains constant across time,culture,& circumstance...John 17:17.

House Of Humility
Any successful leader must first go through the house of humility...David r. Hicks
It's not the critic who counts,not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled,or when the doer of deeds could have done better.The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena;whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms,the great devotions,and spends himself in a worthy cause;who at the best,knows in the end the triumph of high achievement;and who at the worst if he fails,at least fails while daring greatly,so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat." Theodore Roosevelt

Sukkot the millennium stone tablet.
Sukkot the millennium stone tablet,the first ever,for the king in the millennium.It is my gift,goal to send this stone tablet of blessing to the messianic jewish congregation in Beersheba Israel.With the support of messianic congregations here in that it would be displayed,but most important that they would secure and preserved it into the millennium.A reminder of the kings orders;Zechariah 14:16-21.Jeremiah 23:5-6.So lets review,Sukkot is the annual feast in Jerusalem in the millennium to worship the king for 8-days(7-in Jerusalem).The biblical command to be joyful at the festival.It's also called that great day of the feast in john 7:37.In Jeremiah 23:5-6,is the Hebrew name for the lord our righteousness.Yahweh Tsidqenu is his name.see you there!note:anyone that would like to help in this biblical endeavor is welcomed & greatly appreciate.Who will stand with me,must i stand alone!

Scholar's for year's have debated back & forth over "THE Name".(AREPO)What name,who's name?and on it goes...Although the word arepo is early mingled aramaic-persian it has been retained for the latin phrase.the rendered translation would have been relevant to a multicultural society.therefore it's the "sovereign name of the Lord".All believers would know this common phrase.All through the bible we can identifie 26-27 of the most prominent names & titles of god.For exsample;I am that I am.or in hebrew Hashem,& also yhwh.And this one i like best is father-god,Abba-Pater.does that ring a bell."Pater Noster".But where not talking hebrew here.the pharisee would not have allow divine names of the lord used.So the translators sometimes supplied words frequently familiar with names & phrases of that time.last i always think of 1 Corinthians short,God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;And boy have i seen that so many times...

1 Peter 2:5-6
Did you know,the truth of the matter is that all of my stone's are uniquely choosen from a rejected pile.because i am unable to buy in bulk.large pallet's of sandstone are reserved for contractor's use only.I go to the broken,and rejected pile of stone's.which alway's remind's me of our relationship with the lord.scripture say's in 1 peter 2:5-6.truly most of our life's and testimony's echo this.I know i was broken and rejected,lost and hopeless.Even the marble was found in the trash pile at job location's broken and discarded.but now have become a beautiful testimony...amen

Mithras myth.
my contention is that the persians would have cultivated the sator Square into there standard of religion and art that didn't happen...

Sator Stone is...
The Sator Square simply say's; God is our savoir,his will is sovereign & is ruler over the work's of man & his creation...the Sator Square may be older than first century Christians,but it's message is still universal,one God, one Savior,Sovereign and ruler over his creation,Heaven,Earth and Man...
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