We welcome new biblical artist at SatorSquaretablet.com/SatorSquare.com
A new community of real Custom Biblical art, where Christian ~ Jewish artist
can come together and share Fresh & new never seen before biblical art.
Truly unique and creative biblical art has not been fully expressed in our time.
There are many Christian ~ Jewish artist, but very few Biblical Artist​​​​ in the world.
Let's put Biblical back into art...

Subscriber's fee is only $25 for (3) Image's on our new members Gallery​

Email me David@satorstone.com your (jpg images) or (pdf) file for review.

Please remember to give artist name & description ~ title of art work.
Also please specify if your art work is for sale or not for sale.

Policy: I reserve the right to refuse (Bad Art)​​​​​ Examples; No nudity,no chicken wire or 2 x 4's nail together as a cross etc...

Subscriber Image's on Members Gallery is for 1 year.No refunds​​ no return of image's we just delete them.

Free promotion of your art work on social media.
Sator Square tablet.com/Facebook. G+ & on my Etsy Pg if you wish to sale.

Remember as last century believer's let's leave behind rich and lasting bib​​​​​lical art.

Biblical Art Director: David R. Hicks​​
(540) 331 - 1970


Custom Biblical Engraving.
Hand Crafted Biblical Tablets.
Modern & Ancient Stone Art.

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